Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm getting good at listening.

Hi Dad,
Thanks so much for all you said :) It sounds like the ward is doing well. I’m actually serving in the west side of Provo. I’m glad that I got to serve here it’s a cool spot! It’s fun to say that I served in Provo.
Most of my lessons are in Spanish. We have like 3 a week that are in English. I’m getting pretty good at listening, but my speaking is still rough. I need my comp to translate a bunch when I’m trying to talk, but it’s good. I enjoy being forced to relearn the basics in the new language. I also have to share simple truths which really allow the spirit to testify strongly. We recently had comp exchanges and I learned a lot. We got along well, and dealt a lot with planning to be effective. I enjoyed it!
Transfers are next week. It went so fast. Everything goes fast in life huh. ha ha. Interesting fact is that "p day" is actually only 7 hours long :) but it gives us time to do the essentials for the week. In fact this email will also go fast too cuz I’m out of time. It doesn’t mean that i love you any less.
I was thinking yesterday in the priesthood session, and Saturday about your example to me. You always taught a lot by your actions rather than a lot of words. I wish I learned earlier to watch more.
I love you Dad!

We heard the recorders will meet with people to answer questions.

Hi Mom!
I got the pillow case! I got it in the MTC. It was great to read everyone’s notes. THANKS BREANNA!
I’m writing in my journal don’t worry :) I get a lot of strength by showing God that I value my spiritual experiences and I wanna remember them. I think that in order to receive revelation I need to have "a sincere heart with real intent". I can prove that I have that by writing down what I receive and making plans to act on the guidance I receive.
My comp and I got to go to the temple. We can go once a month I think. We heard that the recorders (guys who operate temples under the presidency) will meet with people to answer any questions we have, so we went right after our session. It was AWESOME. They are soo smart! D&C 76 is very deep especially the last bunch of verses. Joseph smith couldn’t have made all that up. It makes too much sense to be from a man. It proves yet again that God is real, He has called prophets again, and His church is on the earth again. Thanks so much for writing.
love you!
Elder Brendlinger


Elder Cufre and I get along like all the time. We both like to work so we are able to break new ground and stretch to do things we couldn't do earlier in life because we were distracted by doing other simpler tasks. It’s like we are trying to qualify for a higher law ya know? I really like it!
Today we had a great experience in comp study. We were talking and he said that he really wants to make the most of this transfer and turn it into a powerful experience we can remember forever. I said "yeah let’s do it! But how?"…Then it got a little quiet ha ha. We talked about communicating well, loving one another, obeying rules etc. (good answers but not new material - ya know) Then he read a scripture (Moroni 7:26,33) and I thought... and we talked and thought some more, and prayed for our investigators. When I opened my eyes it felt like I opened a whole new set of spiritual eyes. I am still working on summarizing it, but basically I really am learning that faith allows us to do all things.
Before my mission I wondered about what knowledge I needed for my mission, and what I needed to do in order to be effective. I was thinking obedience, work ethic and memorizing Scripture mastery etc. But I realized - IF WE DEVELOPE, EXCERSISE AND SEARCH FOR EXPERIENCES TO INCREASE AND SHARE OUR FAITH, GOD WILL BE ABLE TO COME INTO OUR LIVES AND HE WILL HELP US TO DO HIS MIRACLES. Faith qualifies us for His help, because it is a principle of belief and action it encompasses so much of the gospel. If we have faith we will be humble, obedient, charitable, loving and bold. We honor our call and have every other necessary quality, and do every necessary action to be a "clean vessel" that the Lord can bless. Faith leads to power, and power is the ability to do work. God wants to use us for His work. If we are faithful then He can give us the power, and if we are faithful we will use it.
I’m so grateful for experiences like these that teach me so much. I’m so grateful for the chance I have to share them with you.
Don’t forget to read and pray, because if you do you can have the spirit, and through the spirit anything can be revealed - ANYTHING.
Stay happy =)
I love you

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I couldn’t have thought up a better comp.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support! I heard it works best to send packages by u.p.s. cuz they do forwarding better. I’ve been instructed to have people send letters, packages and everything to the mission home, because it gets complicated with transfers and stuff.
I’ve really been blessed! My mission is amazing! I cannot believe how much charity and love is in this place! There are so many that are ready to listen and so many that are helping the work along!!!
In just the first week here are a few things that happened:
breakfast at presidents house---free subway sandwich for being a missionary---free sandwiches for my comp and I at another restaurant worth like $13 for being a missionary---two men walked up and testified and said we are doing the Lord's work while were eating--- 22 people have honked their horns (including a school bus) while we were walking on the sidewalk --- about 15 people have waved--- we were late for dinner, I prayed for a ride and a stranger pulled over and gave us a ride!! That is one of about 15 rides from members and investigators we’ve gotten!! A stranger offered another ride but we didn’t need it--- we live in a home with a mother and son which are amazingly kind and supportive, he cooked us dinner last night when our appointment canceled (even though we have another dinner appointment with them tonight) and he has given us like 4 rides--every member and investigator invites us in with a smile, and most offer us a drink or food(its Latin culture, they are so nice) I’ve never drank such large glasses of juice in my life! HaHa--- and I got to anoint 2 people with consecrated oil in Spanish.
I can’t even count the many blessings and tender mercies here. I’m serving in the "Provo west" area. My comp is Elder Cufre from Argentina. I couldn’t have thought up a better comp. We work hard, get along, and are getting better all the time. He is teaching me so much! We taught 34 lessons this week it was great!
I have to go, but I love you all. I hope the spirit can be with you, and help you like it has been helping me. I hope everything is great!
Love Elder Brendlinger

I got my "travel plans" to the mission field.

THANKS so much for the brownies! You didn’t hold back with the amount did you Ha Ha. Nothing says, "I love you" like 4 pounds of brownies Ha! They are delicious and I have plenty to share, thanks so much! It was really nice of you.
I got my "travel plans" to the mission field. I go to the front desk on Wednesday March 3rd at 630 am. It’s funny cuz everyone else in my district has two pages of instructions, and I have two lines of type and some info boxes Ha Ha. I like it. There are 15 people traveling with me. I don’t know anyone that is in my travel group. I have a lot of mixed feelings with leaving, but I am excited to do God's work! It was kind of sad to see everyone gone, but I’m happy for them more.
I have seen Matt Johnson about 4 times and talked at a Sunday temple walk. It was nice! I plan to keep in touch with some of my district. They are really cool and nice.
It is exciting and it makes me nervous that I’m so close to actually spreading the gospel in Spanish. I am looking forward to it!
Well my time is up. Love you all!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Basically, if you are humble and diligent the spirit will come to teach and comfort you so you don’t feel inferior.

Matt Johnson from California just came to the MTC yesterday! I had no idea he was coming but we ran into each other in a computer lab just hours after he got here! I realized that it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seen him. I gave him my mailbox # so he can write a note to me if he has time. He said that his brother Scott got home like a week and a half ago. That’s exciting!
I wrote in my journal that I felt really special that God would allow me to see one of my best friends again. It is proof that God loves friendships and closeness among His children. There is no coincidence that after 3 years of being separated we came to the MTC within the same 8 week period and are in the same building.
Stephanie, it’s great to hear that you are getting a lot out of you mission class! I know the feeling of inferiority that you were feeling. It’s great to want to learn all that we can. There is so much though, and sometimes we feel like we are the only one that doesn’t know. One thing that really helped me was having the spirit with me. It comforts us in our humility and teaches us too.
When I have the spirit I am reminded that the Lord loves me and is pleased with my desire to learn. God reveals all that we need to know when the time is right. Until that time we study all we can which helps us prepare for the revelation, and revelation often comes while we study. Basically, if you are humble and diligent the spirit will come to teach and comfort you so you don’t feel inferior.
In PMG (Preach my Gospel) it says that the success of a missionary is measured primarily by their dedication to the work. I’m positive that this can be applied to any other member as well, cuz again - If WE do our BEST then GOD will do the REST.
I love you and wish you the best! TTY soon!----------

Going on a mission is DEFFINATELY the best choice I could have made! I love it.

THANKS A TON for the valentine’s package! I really enjoyed it! It turns out that sending huge amounts of candy is a great idea cuz otherwise everyone in the district would have to sit and watch you eat it, so I’ve been able to share. Even though there is a ton of food 3 times a day we still get the munchies all the time. Ha Ha. It’s probably why Elders gain weight so often. Ha. I’m trying to stay healthy just like you guys are.
I’ve found that obedience makes all aspects of life better including health. They give us 50 minutes of gym and they encourage us to spend 20 on cardio and 10 on strength and 10 on stretching. Every day that I follow that council closely, I feel better all day. It’s amazing how obedience to rules helps with the spirit in our lives; and the spirit can strengthen us physically, mentally, spiritually and improve our relationships too!
I’m also getting practice with close relationships cuz I’m with my comp all the time. He is great and I’m learning a lot about relationships in general and getting along with all kinds of people.
Our district came up with a goal to be able to sincerely pray in Spanish by the end of the MTC. I thought I may struggle with that goal, but thanks to the help God gave me I said a good prayer this morning and only had to use 2 words in English! Yay! I’m excited. The Lord's hand really has been in my life more than even. I don’t feel like I’m serving Him because he is doing more for me than I could ever do for Him on my mission. Going on a mission is DEFFINATELY the best choice I could have made! I love it.
I recently was impressed at how God has given us each commandment with our eternal progression in mind. He doesn’t tell us to be obedient to glorify Him but rather, so that we can grow, be happy and return to live with Him. EVERY SINGLE command comes with a powerful promise of blessings, which are often so great we can’t understand. I have seen the damage that can be caused by disobeying and I’ve felt the happiness that can come from obeying. Sometimes it’s so clear that good leads to good and bad leads to bad, but other times the adversary clouds our view. It’s important to always keep our guard up and to not let ourselves think that our will is better than His. If we do OUR BEST, God will do THE REST.
I love you guys and pray for you!