Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm getting good at listening.

Hi Dad,
Thanks so much for all you said :) It sounds like the ward is doing well. I’m actually serving in the west side of Provo. I’m glad that I got to serve here it’s a cool spot! It’s fun to say that I served in Provo.
Most of my lessons are in Spanish. We have like 3 a week that are in English. I’m getting pretty good at listening, but my speaking is still rough. I need my comp to translate a bunch when I’m trying to talk, but it’s good. I enjoy being forced to relearn the basics in the new language. I also have to share simple truths which really allow the spirit to testify strongly. We recently had comp exchanges and I learned a lot. We got along well, and dealt a lot with planning to be effective. I enjoyed it!
Transfers are next week. It went so fast. Everything goes fast in life huh. ha ha. Interesting fact is that "p day" is actually only 7 hours long :) but it gives us time to do the essentials for the week. In fact this email will also go fast too cuz I’m out of time. It doesn’t mean that i love you any less.
I was thinking yesterday in the priesthood session, and Saturday about your example to me. You always taught a lot by your actions rather than a lot of words. I wish I learned earlier to watch more.
I love you Dad!

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